stargazer vtuber | emote artist

Hi there!! My name is aura and I am a freelance artist who streams on Twitch. I mainly make emotes for Twitch and Discord use and I would love to do this full-time whenever the time comes.I also stream my process on Twitch, so feel free to stop by and say hi whenever you can eheHope to work with you soon!~


Have any questions?Send me a DM on Twitter: auraoravt
Email me at: [email protected]



  • vtubers

  • original characters

  • gasm emote OK

  • half human (cat ears, horns, dog ears, etc.)

  • furry

  • mecha

  • nsfw

  • realism

  • copyrighted characters


  • I have the right to accept or decline your commission.

  • Please DO NOT edit, trace, or steal the completed artwork without my permission.

  • Fill out the commission form to the best of your abilities.

  • Commissions are non-refundable unless I am unable to carry out the commission.

  • Turnaround time can vary from up to 1 week to a month. If you have a specific deadline, please let me know. Please note that rush commissions will cost extra.

  • Payment is made through PayPal. There will be an extra $5 fee to cover for PayPal's fees.I will be sending you an invoice of your order through your email. Once payment has been completed, I will start working on your commission.

  • Up to 3 revisions MAX can be made during the sketch and lineart process. Anything more will include additional charges.

  • Please don't use my artworks for NFT's.

  • Reference photos of your model are required. However reference photos for the type of emotes you would like are appreciated, but not required.

  • I own all rights of copyright to my artworks. I have the right to publish your commission on portfolios and socials to promote myself.

  • If you would like the commission to be kept private, please let me know.

  • If you do share the commissioned piece to your socials, don't forget to credit me! :)

  • By commissioning me, you agree to the TOS above.

Custom Emotes

Once you are ready to place your commission, please send me a DM on Twitter or email me with the filled-out form below!
FormUsername: [Will be shown on Trello]
References: [Link clear vtuber ref sheet/character and emote references, google drive link is required for higher quality!]
Emotes: [Describe the emotes you would like made and how many]
Privacy: [Will I be able to stream the progress or would you like to keep the commission a secret]
PayPal email: [Please provide your email that you use for PayPal]
Once we come to an agreement and I receive payment, please check out my Trello to see your order status and progress!



  • 50 USD for 3

  • 70 USD for 6

  • 90 USD for 9

  • 100 USD for 12


Rush commissions (2-4 day turnaround) will be + 25 USD to the total price